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International Students - Introduction

Alumna IBERO

We are delighted that you have chosen to study at the IBERO on exchange or study abroad and look forward to hosting you in Mexico City!

As visiting student, you will experience Mexico’s diversity as well as the outstanding academic programs offered by the IBERO. We believe that each visiting student makes a valuable contribution to our university and student community. Our aim is to provide the information, help, and support that will make your visit a rewarding international experience.

With 34 undergraduate and 35 postgraduate programs, the IBERO offers a wide range of education at the highest academic level. Recognized experts guarantee an integrated formation which goes beyond mere acquisition of information or knowledge, and at the same time promote the personal growth of the students. The IBERO has laboratories and workshops with state-of-the-art equipment in the areas of architecture, communications, computer, design, engineering, chemistry, nutrition, photography, physics, and psychology.

As exchange or study abroad student you are able to take practically any course that is offered in our university, as long as there are no special access restrictions to a particular course and your language skills are sufficient (for more information on course selection please have a look at the respective section). If your Spanish skills are not sufficient (this will be evaluated in a Spanish placement test) we recommend you to participate in the Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Program, or to take one of the classes taught in English.

More information available at the Student Mobility Office

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Please also consult our study guide for more detailed information

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