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December 8, 2009

Dear rectors, presidents, faculty, and participants,

I want to welcome you to “Networking Jesuit Higher Education for the Globalizing World: Shaping the Future for a Humane, Just, Sustainable Globe.”

Much effort has already gone into planning this conference, and many other significant contributions are in process. For example, more than forty people are writing reflection papers on topics that will be discussed during the program. I am grateful for this example of international collaboration in addressing the needs of our Church and world.

One aim of the conference, advancing both Jesuit higher education and the intellectual apostolate, received special attention at General Congregation 35; it is a key concern of the Society of Jesus. Another aim, to create and implement a network that can continue the discussion and analysis of frontier challenges, is a concrete way of constructing a more humane, just, and sustainable global society.

I want to thank President Morales and all at the Universidad Iberoamericana for their hospitality and organization, the rectors and presidents for their suggestions, the international committee on higher education for its guidance, and the authors of forthcoming papers for providing a basis for discussions. I also want to thank those foundations and individuals whose generosity has made it possible to reduce the cost for participants; they will be acknowledged by name at the conference.

I look forward to being with you in Mexico City in April 2010.

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.
Superior General of the Society of Jesus

My dear Colleagues:

With enthusiasm and joy, the Universidad Iberoamericana has agreed to be the host institution for this important Conference, whose title: Shaping the future for a humane, just and sustainable globe, reflects the ambition and transcendence of its commitment.

The economic and social context of the country that welcomes you, affected by the economic crisis and wounded by a rising violence and by endemic poverty and inequality, is just one example of the urgency and gravity of the challenges that institutions of higher education entrusted to the Society of Jesus face and makes evident the importance of this meeting.

They are great expectations on the exchange of experiences and ideas given during the three days of work of the Conference, but most surely, the effort that its preparation has represented and the great desire to build effective links, enhancing the work of universities and that are in step with the times we live, will become into valuable achievements.

Here you will breathe the air of a family of universities entrusted to the Society, and you will find a fraternal and hospitable community that will offer you at all times an atmosphere conducive to work. Particularly, there will be a group of collaborators dedicated to meet the needs that you may have during your stay in Mexico, so do not hesitate to ask for their help.

You are most warmly welcomed to the Universidad Iberoamericana.

José Morales Orozco, S. J.
Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México