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Community Programs

Aware of its environment, IBERO develops diverse and plural community programs in accordance with its values.

These programs encourage the development of the members of the community and strengthen IBERO’s commitment to find solutions to the main national and international challenges faced by our society.

1. Environmental Program

The Environmental Program is an example of cooperation between the academic and administrative areas of IBERO. Its objectives are to:

  • Create an environmental and sustainable-development perspective to be adopted as an inherent principle of all the university’s activities.
  • Train the members of the university community by promoting ethical, social, ecological and sustainable-development values.
  • Organize awareness activities to bring IBERO’s students into contact with Mexican environmental issues and its main actors to get them involved.

IBERO Green Campus Project

This project within the Environmental Program, strives to reduce IBERO’s environmental footprint and helps to improve the living conditions on campus, making the concept of sustainability an important factor to consider in the university’s teaching and research.

IBERO Green Campus (page in Spanish) is a joint project of the Environmental Program and the Department of Architecture.

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2. Human Rights Program

IBERO’s Human Rights Program is a plural, interdisciplinary endeavor which seeks to create and consolidate a culture of respect for human rights that will permeate the political and social life in Mexico through research, education and debate. Its efforts are carried out with the cooperation and support of a wide range of organizations including other academic institutions, governments, intergovernmental and civic entities, and international foundations devoted to the defense of human rights.

3. Interculturality and Indigenous Affairs Program

The main purpose of IBERO’s Interculturality and Indigenous Affairs Program (PIAI) is to create a forum for networking, analysis, reflection and action regarding Mexico’s multicultural identity and the inequalities that negatively affect the nation’s social fabric.

Therefore, the PIAI:

  • Promotes analysis and appreciation of our country’s cultural diversity in order to encourage mutual respect based on an acknowledgement of human dignity.
  • Promotes awareness of the asymmetrical relationships that exist within Mexican society, where indigenous peoples and other groups have long been victims of injustice, poverty and inequality.
  • Encourages dialogue with representatives of rural communities and indigenous peoples.
  • Forges a strong linkage between the missionary work of the Company of Jesus in Mexico and the Universities that belong to the Jesuit network.

4. Social Responsibility Program

The social responsibility program promotes interaction between the most disadvantaged communities, especially in Mexico City’s Santa Fe area, and the university’s students, teachers, researchers and people involved in other outreach areas.

This program is permanently in the quest for equity, greater social justice and commitment of the community with those in need.

Among its functions are:

  • To coordinate the social work that the IBERO and its various departments have already undertaken or are about to embark on, through mechanisms such as interdisciplinary support networks.
  • To develop comprehensive social-improvement projects in impoverished urban areas.
  • To develop linkage programs with the projects run by the Company of Jesus in Mexico.
  • To disseminate the idea that universities should be socially responsible within the university community.

Some examples of the projects this program undertakes are:

  • Urban social-development projects with the participation of academic departments such as Architecture and the local authorities of Santa Fe
  • Inter-university social projects

5. Migratory Issues Program

The Migratory Issues Program was created by the Society of Jesus to motivate the interest of the community in the problems associated with migration and on how to improve the living conditions of migrants.

IBERO wants to promote the interdisciplinary study of the migration phenomenon in Mexico, and prepare its students at the undergraduate and graduate level to analyze the issues surrounding it.

One of the objectives of the program is to establish links with organizations and public and private institutions that work directly with migrants in order to help solve their problems.