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Life on Campus

IBERO moved to its modern new 48 acre (20 hectares) campus in 1988 located in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City.

Besides classrooms, laboratories and workshops in the areas of physics, chemistry, photography, psychology, engineering, communications, architecture, design and nutrition, the university houses the Francisco Xavier Clavigero library, the FM 90.9 radio station and several auditoriums.

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Other facilities on the campus include sports fields and related conveniences, a medical center, three cafeterias, an on-campus bookstore, a stationery shop, bank branches among other university stores.

Arts and Culture

Every year, IBERO carries out a variety of artistic and cultural events which, besides complementing the students' instruction, also constitute an interesting and enriching program for those living on the west side of Mexico City.

Galleries and cultural spaces

An academic institution would not be complete without suitable areas for promoting culture and the arts; hence the IBERO houses numerous artistic projects, many of which are set up by the students themselves, like organizing exhibitions in conjunction with important Mexican and foreign institutions.

The University has an exhibition hall and the "Andrea Pozzo, S.J." Gallery, which was inaugurated in 2008. Moreover, IBERO devotes other parts of its campus to the promotion of culture and the arts for its students, and welcomes the general public to its events and exhibitions.


The University offers dance, theater, creative writing, plastic arts and various other workshops to complement curricular activities. These workshops give students a chance to stimulate their creativity and spirituality.


The Francisco Xavier Clavigero library houses over 340 000 books, over 96 000 rare and antique books, and a collection of historical archives, including Porfirio Diaz's personal correspondence, which is used regularly by both national and international researchers.

The library subscribes to over 100 databases and 1 100 publications; it also has an audiovisual center with over 140 000 slides on different subjects.

A new wing of the library was constructed in 2008 to house the 200 000 volumes from the Kino library of the Philosophy Institute of the Society of Jesus and provide additional individual and group study areas, projection rooms and an exhibition space.

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Sports Facilities

IBERO organizes recreational activities and sporting events for the benefit of the university community. It has first-class sporting facilities, such as a professional football field, a well-equipped gymnasium, a baseball diamond, and basketball and tennis courts.

The members of the university community are invited to join the various sports classes currently offered, such as: physical fitness, capoeira, kickboxing, pilates, spinning, taebo, tennis, yoga and zumba. They can also join the Universidad Iberoamericana´s athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, softball and taekwondo teams, and the cheerleading squad.

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Clavius Astronomical Center

Since 2001, IBERO is the first private institution of higher education to operate its own astronomical observatory.

The observatory has a cupule of 3.5 meters in diameter with a telescope of 16 inches and 4 thousand millimeters of focal distance built ex profeso for IBERO.

The observatory has other equipment to study, analyze and measure cosmic phenomena.

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The Chapel, one of the first buildings on campus, was conceived as a space of inner reflection for every person of this community.

It is a place where religious ceremonies and also seminars and talks of personal development and transcendental dialogue take place.

The university uses the chapel, its gardens and other special places on campus to integrate groups of prayer and meditation.

Even if the university has Catholic roots there is a sincere open dialogue with every other religious belief as is taught by the Jesuit tradition.

Recently, IBERO opened the House for Meditation, Peace and Reflection as an alter space of introspection on the grounds of the university.

Student handbook

In IBERO Mexico City we take great interest in your student experience, we want you to enjoy your student life as much as possible.

Bearing this in mind, we put together this brief guide to the most frequent procedures, as well as academic and extracurricular services, so you may have a quick access to relevant information.

Student hadbook