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Exchange and visiting students have the following housing alternatives:

Supervised IBERO Housing Service
Alumna IBERO

Our primary intention is to assist our exchange or visiting students so that their experience in Mexico and at the IBERO may be a constructive and pleasant one. We have a network of Mexican families who have experience in hosting exchange or visiting students in their private homes. Placing our exchange or visiting students in private Mexican residences has been highly accepted by students and universities alike as a rewarding bicultural and social experience. This is the option that we most recommend for those students who want to have a deep immersion into the Mexican culture, as well as for those students who want to substantially increase their Spanish skills.

In our supervised IBERO Housing Service, exchange or visiting students are placed two to a room with a shared bathroom. If available, single rooms may be requested in advance and provided if available. Please see Fees.

For detailed payment procedures please contact the IBERO Housing Office: housing@ibero.mx

All exchange or visiting students using university supervised housing will be met at the Mexico City International Airport by a family member. We must receive complete arrival information at least a week in advance. A family member will take the student to the airport upon his departure. If at all possible and for security reasons, we recommend that students plan their arrival and departure flight schedules between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

If an exchange or visiting student has outstanding bills to the housemothers, such as meals or laundry, house damage, or telephone calls, the IBERO will withhold the student´s transcript until the bill is paid.

An exchange or visiting student requesting our supervised housing service must read, fill in, sign, and return the housing regulations and housing preference forms (Appendix 1 and 2) by fax +52 (55) 5950 4241 by May 15 for the summer session, by June 30 for the fall semester, and by November 30 for the spring semester. Please contact housing@ibero.mx to make arrangements.

Note: Once an exchange or visiting student decides to use the IBERO Housing System, he or she is committed to remain in the system for the entire semester session or summer program. Once an exchange or visiting student has returned the preference form and the signed housing regulations forms, he or she will be assigned to a Mexican home stay. We will try to grant specific requests whenever possible, such as special diets, single room requests, etc.

The personnel of the Housing Office is always ready to assist, to advise, and to guide exchange and visiting students and housemothers with any concerns they may have. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. For further information, please contact:
DI. Jaime Jordan Jiménez
Tel: +52 (55) 5950 4018
Email: jaime.jordan@ibero.mx or housing@ibero.mx

Rent an Apartment

The IBERO Housing Office offers the alternative of renting a furnished or unfurnished apartment. We do not recommend that students rent an apartment before arrival. It is very important that exchange or visiting students negotiate services and rent fees, as well as actually see a prospective apartment. Once students are already in Mexico City, they are welcome to visit our Housing Office to consult the available information on apartments. For this particular option the IBERO is only a link between both parties involved without any financial or legal responsibilities for the rent or any other required service fees such as cable TV, internet, phone, gas, light, water, or monthly maintenance.

Share Apartment Expenses with Other Students
Alumno IBERO

Exchange or visiting students have a third housing option. This option is to share expenses with other Mexican, exchange or visiting students. The Housing Office has a bulletin board where students who have an apartment and students looking for an apartment can post their contact information. We recommend this option only for students who are previously acquainted.

The IBERO is not responsible financially or legally for independent housing arrangements.

Special Notes for Independent Housing

An exchange or visiting student who does not choose to use the IBERO housing system will need to make his/her own housing arrangements, but he/she may not make living arrangements in any of the houses in the IBERO supervised housing system. A student should check in the housing office to verify that his/her housing is not a part of the IBERO system. An exchange or visiting student who has independent housing must register his/her address and telephone number in the Student Exchange Office at the IBERO so that he/she may be contacted in case of emergency.

Special Notes Summer Program

Meals and laundry services are provided during our Six-Week Summer Program and for Special Programs in IBERO supervised housing. For the Six Week Summer Program, breakfast and dinner will be provided Monday through Saturday. On Sundays only breakfast will be served. Personal laundry service, within reasonable limits, a towel change twice a week, and a bed linen change once a week will be provided.

Special Notes Semester Program

Meals and laundry service are not included in the supervised housing fee to the housemothers. Exchange or visiting students have the following options and will have additional charges for meals, laundry, and kitchen privileges, etc.

Arrangements for kitchen facility privileges, meals and laundry services can be made directly with the housemother on a monthly or weekly basis. Not all housemothers are willing to provide this service. If you would like home meal service, be sure to indicate this to us in advance. Towels are changed twice a week and bed linens once a week.

Other options:

Housing Fees

Housing Fees (Regular)

Supervised housing fee MXN$ $ 3,000.00
Housing (shared bedroom) MXN$ $ 5,000 -
$ 8,000 - Monthly
Housing (single bedroom) MXN$ $ 6,000 -
$ 9,000 - Monthly
Supervised housing fee MXN$ $ 1,100.00
Housing (shared bedroom) MXN$ $ 5,000 -
$ 8,000 - Monthly
Housing (single bedroom) MXN$ $ 6,000 -
$ 9,000 - Monthly

Housing Fees (Aditional Fees)

Extra day of housing (semester and summer) MXN$ $ 280.00
Cancellation of housing MXN$ $ 1,250.00

Students may stay in a hotel upon arrival in Mexico City and come to the Student Mobility Office as soon as possible to ask about our housing options and procedures. These are some of the hotels that we recommend where students can stay while completing university supervised housing procedures and payments or while looking for other housing accommodation:

Quality Inn P.F. (Plaza Florencia)

Florencia #61, Col. Juárez

Phone: +52 (55) 5242 4700,
Fax (5255) 5242 4785


Hostel Catedral, Ciudad de México

República de Guatemala # 4, Col. Centro

Phone: +52 (55) 5518 1726,
Fax (5255) 5510 3442


Hostelling International

Insurgentes Sur 1510, local “d”, Col. Crédito Constructor (corner of Río Churubusco)

Phone: +52 (55) 5661 3233


Vecindad Alpina

Alpina No. 11, Col. Tizapán San Ángel

Phone: +52 (55) 5550 8725


Hotel Prim

Versalles No. 46, Col. Juárez

Phone: +52 (55) 5592 4600

Hostal La Buena Vida

Mazatlán No. 190 Colonia Condesa

Hostal Regina

5 de Febrero (Esquina Calle Regina), Centro Histórico


Hotel La Moraleja

Avenida Vasco de Quiroga No.1875, Colonia Santa Fe (relatively near the IBERO, but far away from the city center)


Students should mention that they will be studying as exchange students at the IBERO when they make their reservation. Some of the hotels grant a special discount for IBERO students. No responsibility is taken for the correctness and up-to-dateness of this information.