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Mandatory registration and orientation sessions:

“A three-day mandatory orientation session occurs during the week before the beginning of the semester. It usually happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Consult our study guide for an accurate day.

During the summer session, orientation is for 1 day.

International Students in Orientation

Course descriptions and selection:

Students enrolled through the Student Mobility Office cannot pre-register for courses on-line. These students must personally register in the various Academic Departments prior to the beginning of each semester.

You can find a detailed course description in Spanish language following this link. Please choose your study level (Licenciatura = undergraduate; Posgrado = postgraduate) and your career, click on “buscar” and after that choose the option “Plan SUJ (vigente)”. You will see all the courses of the Regular Programs exist at the IBERO within the chosen career. By clicking on one of the courses you will be provided with detailed information.

However, not all of these courses are available each semester. The classes and schedules for classes in the regular Academic Departments for the semester will be available on the home page at Horarios: for spring during the last week of November; for summer during the second week of May; and for fall during the last week of June.

In order to learn more about the Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Program or the IBERO International Business Certificate, please visit our exchange students’ homepage.

Please have a close look at the offered courses and consult your home coordinator in order to identify which courses suit you and can be accepted for credit in your home university. Once you arrive in Mexico City, we will arrange a meeting with the coordinator of the study area you have chosen at the IBERO. This meeting will take place on the first or the second day of orientation sessions. During this meeting, you will present your course choice to the respective coordinator and after that hand in the course sheet (approved and signed by the coordinator) to the IBERO Student Mobility Office. We will provide you with the corresponding form prior to your meeting with the coordinator. The form will also be sent to you via email prior to your arrival.

During the first two weeks of classes, you have the option to drop or change courses. After the deadline of class changes, no changes will be accepted. Please inform the Student Mobility Office about every change immediately, especially if you change from one group into another.