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Comprehensive Education

Estructura en Ibero

IBERO's curricula is designed to ensure students receive a high-quality education through a flexible study structure, state-of-the art technology and highly qualified faculty. IBERO ´s curricula also foster an education in values that stems from IBERO´s humanistic tradition such as freedom, justice, solidarity, creativity, affective integration and behavior self-consciousness.

Graduates and undergraduates from IBERO should evidence:

  • Academic and professional excellence.
  • Far-reaching knowledge to help them become top leaders at their professional discipline.
  • Spirit of service to others.
  • Pursuit of excellence with sincerity and honor.
  • Rigorous scientific and research skills.
  • Capacity for ongoing study and the ability to analyze reality systematically.
  • Aptitude for interpersonal relationships, along with the flexibility and the appropriate attitude to listen to various points of view with the greatest respect and tolerance for their fellows.

Given the humanistic tradition underlying the Jesuit educational model, since 1973 the university's curricula have included a specific study area and a social-service obligation; with the purpose of endowing students with a capacity for logical and rigorous argumentation. In accordance with the university's stated educational philosophy, graduates will easily face any issue, formulate the right questions and engage in an orderly analysis; all underpinned by a system of values that stresses moral awareness and esthetic sensitivity.