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Historic Overview

For over 70 years – and backed by nearly five centuries of Jesuit educational tradition - IBERO has been forming professionals and researchers committed to - serving society. Our institution offers young people an option that goes beyond university courses, by providing them with a sound, ethical comprehensive education in which scientific and technical progress go along with human values, in a context of respect for diversity of ideas and beliefs.

This humanistic vocation has existed since the founding of the Company of Jesus in 1540. When Jesuits reached New Spain in 1572, their religious and educational zeal allowed them to create renowned teaching and research centers - such as the colleges of St. Ildefonso, Vizcainas and St. Peter and St. Paul, to mention a few of the institutions that became very important in their time.

In 1943, the Jesuits founded a private institution of higher education - the University Cultural Center - which would become a pioneering development in Mexican education. Ten years later, the center became the IBERO, an institution whose name reflected its desire to extend its services throughout the region. Nowadays, IBERO is part of a network of 8 universities located in various Mexican cities, which is, in turn, part of the Latin American branch comprehending 31 universities run by the Company of Jesus, and one of the more than two hundred Jesuit universities spread worldwide.

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