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  • Principles and Educative Philosophy


    IBERO considers the following principles fundamental to its activities:

    • Freedom of conscience for all its members.
    • A continuous and sincere openness for dialogue with all schools of though.
    • Academic freedom to teach and research – within the norms of morality and law, and in accordance with a Christian concept of the human being.
    • Genuine autonomy of academic functions, free from dependence on or submission to external political or economic interests.
    • A profound and effective sense of social justice, which strives for the integral development of human communities, especially those in most need.

    Educational Philosophy

    IBERO states that it’s Educational Philosophy:

    • Is inspired on Christian values, and aims to accomplish the integration of those values with the scientific and philosophical advances in an atmosphere of permanent intellectual integrity and pursuit of truth.
    • Gives special emphasis to the progress of interdisciplinary dialogue that strives to 1) form the individual integrally, 2) integrate the knowledge pertaining to a university and 3) make continuous efforts to achieve the highest goals in terms of human and academic quality.
    • Instills in all its members a living awareness of the social problems and the resulting responsibility to contribute to their solution.
    • Attempts to serve the people of Mexico by collaborating in the impartial and nonsectarian search for a cultural identity, congruent with its history and open to the world.
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