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Division of Humanities and Communications

The Division of Humanities and Communications groups 7 academic departments and 2 institutes that carry out interdisciplinary research.

  • Department of Art.
  • Department of Communications.
  • Department of Education.
  • Department of History.
  • Department of Literature.
  • Department of Philosophy.
  • Department of Religious Sciences.
  • Research Institute for Educational Development (INIDE).
  • Research Institute for Sustainable Development and Social Equity (IIDSES).
Estructura Ibero

Objectives of the Departments of the Division of Humanities and Communications

  • To contribute to the development of knowledge via teaching, research and its communication.

  • To train socially committed professionals with a comprehensive and global vision of communication processes.

  • To train researchers and teachers through undergraduate - and mainly graduate - degree courses, in order to lay the foundations for future development.

  • To introduce its disciplines to various sectors of society that could benefit from them.

  • To promote socially committed, high-impact projects.

Departmental Organization

Each department of the division of humanities and communications has a director and an academic committee. The Director chairs the committee and administers the plans and policies it formulates. Each of the department’s bachelor and graduate-degree programs is supervised by a technical committee that is responsible for ensuring its effectiveness.