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Division of Social Studies


The Division of Social Studies comprises 7 academic departments. It seeks to produce professionals committed to satisfying the social needs of the communities they serve.

  • Department of Business Studies.
  • Department of Economy.
  • Department of International Studies.
  • Department of Law.
  • Department of Psychology.
  • Department of Social and Political Sciences.
  • Department of Health.

Objectives of the Departments of the Division of Social Studies

  • To impart high-level courses using up-to-date, innovative teaching-learning methods.

  • To update regularly the study programs offered by the Division, addressing current social challenges.

  • To evaluate the curricula by Mexican and international agencies.

  • To have a full-time faculty of tenured teachers with graduate qualifications (i.e. Master degrees or PhDs).

  • To maintain a constantly renewed and updated infrastructure.

  • To promote high-quality graduate courses in those Departments involved in interdivisional or interdepartmental cooperation.

  • To involve students of the various Departments in community development programs.

Departmental Organization

Each Department of the Division of Social Studies has a Director and an Academic Committee. The Director chairs the Committee and plays an important role in executing the plans and policies it formulates. Every Department’s Bachelor and Graduate-degree program is supervised by a Technical Committee that is responsible for ensuring its effectiveness.