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Other Academic Areas

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Other areas that report to the Academic Vice President are:

  • FXC Library.
  • Academic Information and Analysis Office.
  • Academic Cooperation Office.
  • Research Office.
  • Graduate Studies Office.
  • Publications Office.
  • Registrar’s Office.

The Comprehensive Education Office (DSFI)

DSFI is responsible of formulating criteria, policies and strategies to achieve the comprehensive education that characterizes the IBERO’s educational model. DSFI is also in charge of the university’s basic curriculum layer. The concept of comprehensive education revolves around the values or concepts that the IBERO stresses in its principles: respect for the person’s dignity, freedom of thought for all university members, academic freedom in teaching and research, and a profound sense of social justice, to mention a few.

Hence, in order to educate men and women to serve their fellows, academic programs at IBERO offer various services which either form part of, or complement, the curriculum. They seek to invigorate its teaching and its students' learning to satisfy not only their professional requirements, but also their needs as individuals whose development is the focal point of all the university's educational efforts.

Department of Continuing Education

The Department of Continuing Education - with 40 years of experience - manages diplomas and short courses. It was the first entity of that type in Mexico that kept professionals updated, and it has around 20 thousand students completing courses every year. This area addresses the permanent educational needs of both individuals and organizations by offering programs of the highest academic level. Currently, it offers over 100 diploma programs and 120 courses open to the general public so that every professional can find the particular option he or she needs.

In addition to its classroom-taught courses and distance programs (Ibero Online), IBERO offers tailor-made state-of-the-art programs - through its Center for Comprehensive Attention to Companies - to satisfy each organization’s needs.