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Division of Science, Art and Technology


The Division of Science, Art and Technology groups five academic departments that serve around 40 % of all the IBERO’s graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Design.
  • Department of Engineering.
  • Department of Engineering and Chemical Sciences.
  • Department of Physics and Mathematics.

Objectives of the Departments of the Division of Science, Art and Technology

  • To train competent professionals and researchers with acknowledged academic prowess, capable of solving global problems and contributing to Mexico’s development, in each of their disciplines.

  • To contribute to the development and communication of knowledge on architecture, design, engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, chemical engineering and food engineering.

  • To develop professional networks with the various productive and government sectors.

  • To provide a high level departmental service that impacts directly on the quality of IBERO’s programs.

Departmental Organization

Each Department of the Science, Art and Technology Division has a Director and an Academic Committee. The Director chairs the Committee and plays an important role in executing the plans and policies it formulates. Each of the Department’s Bachelor and Graduate-degree programs is supervised by a Technical Committee that is responsible for ensuring its effectiveness.